Workout Buddies: Part 1 – The Bet

Workout Buddies: Part 1 – The Bet

Workout Buddies: Part 1 – The Bet is an erotic short story of over 6,500 words. Includes m/m with BDSM elements of dominance and submission.

What happens when two competitive guys set out to get in shape? What if one of them catches the other sneaking glances at him in the shower? What if they make a bet on who will win and when the time up extends it again? What will the loser have to do?

This story answers those questions as they involve Dave and Larry, the bet they make and how Dave has to pay up when he loses. Larry is sure of himself and when he wins, he makes sure Dave understands what happens to a loser, especially if the loser had been sneaking glances at him in the shower. Larry explains to Dave how he can pay the bet off if he likes it. Dave agrees that he enjoys serving Larry and the two end up having fun. Larry dominates and controls Dave, making him pleasure Larry in many ways. Finally, when Dave worries how this might impact his relationship with his wife, Helen, Larry relents and agrees to keep their new arrangement away from Helen. Larry sends Dave home with several tasks to do and with instructions to return bright and early the next day.

Available for Free in Kindle Unlimited.

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