From Darkness, Bliss — Part 1: Submitting to Domination

From Darkness, Bliss — Part 1: Submitting to Domination

From Darkness, Bliss: Part 1β€”Submitting to Domination is an erotic short story of over 7,000 words. Includes m/f with BDSM elements of dominance and submission.

What would you do to give your loved one what he or she needed and craved? Would you submit to another to learn how to dominate your loved one? That is the choice Jack Jenkins has to make in this story of an emerging submissive wife and the steps a loving husband will go to ensure she gets what she needs. This short story of over 7,000 words explores how Jack finds out that his wife might be submissive and what he will do to learn how to dominate her.


Jack and Stacey Jenkins have been happily married for nearly eleven years. They have two wonderful kids, Max, eight, and Jessica, six and a half. Lately, Jack has felt things are “off” in the bedroom with Stacey, but she has said nothing. At their Saturday barbeque, Jack talks with his friend, Chris, and mentions he is feeling things are “off” in their bedroom activities. Chris becomes concerned and asks Jack a few questions then gives him a business card with a person’s name and number scrawled on the back. Chris tells Jack to call this person and see if she might help. Chris urged Jack to call her first thing Monday. Jack does and then meets the woman at lunch. They discuss what is going on between Stacey and Jack. The woman leaves Jack with a test to administer to Stacey that night. Jack calls the woman the next morning to discuss the test and how Stacey reacted. The woman suggests that Stacey appears to be submissive and suggests Jack needs to become her dominant to give her what she needs. The woman states that the quickest way for Jack to learn how to be dominant in the bedroom for Stacey is for him to submit to her. If Jack wants, she will dominate him and teach him what he needs to know.

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