About Me

B.J. Black is an international man of mystery and intrigue. He brings you naughty erotic stories to satisfy your carnal desires! Oh, behave baby!

B.J. Black writes erotic stories in a number of genres including BDSM, bisexual, cuckold, hot wife, shifter, vampire, straight, gay, and bisexual.

B.J. Black may include affiliate links to stories mentioned on his blog. B.J. Black will not post a review for a book he cannot recommend to folks as being worth their time to read. So, if he reads something for which he can’t give a positive review, he will not post a review for it.

Obviously, B.J. Black is a pen name. There is a real person behind it. However, because of how many in our society react to the subject matter of B.J. Black’s stories, he finds it necessary to protect his “regular” life from his life as an erotica writer. Details he can share with you about B.J. Black’s real life persona:

  • male,
  • living outside Chicago, Illinois,
  • married,
  • his significant other knows he writes these stories,
  • father,
  • world traveler, and
  • some would call him a bit of a modern renaissance man given the subjects he is interested in and things he can do, discuss or accomplish (build a computer from scratch – check; cook a gourmet meal – check; fix a car’s engine (pre-computerization) – check; ride a horse – check; shoot – check; hike and camp – check; speak/present to large groups – check).

B.J. Black’s motto is:

If it feels good, do it!
But, consent should always be asked for and given, and no one should get hurt (unless they ask nicely).