Review: Sorcha Rowan’s Sating the Hunger

Review: Sorcha Rowan’s Sating the Hunger

Sating the Hunger

A Tale of Lesbian Lust, Blood, and Magick

by Sorcha Rowan

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I do not pretend to be a lesbian or an expert on lesbian erotica. That said, I think folks that like such things will enjoy reading Sating the Hunger. Why?

The story unfolds slowly, a piece at a time, allowing you to savor and enjoy the treasure it is. Every paragraph reveals a bit more of the story, characters, and tensions between the two main characters, Mara and Carmen – one a powerful witch, the other an ancient vampire. It takes a bit to figure out what is going on and who these women truly are. Figuring that out is a pleasure and aided by the detailed and textured descriptions Rowan weaves into this story.

There is an actual story line here that provides a pleasant surprise. This is not one of those slap-dash works that jumps to the sex and leaves you wondering what the characters are doing or why? You may wonder, but it is because Rowan weaves a spell of enchantment about your senses. She introduces the main character, Mara, slowly, and the secondary character, Carmen, quickly enough. But, she takes her time to slowly reveal to the reader what is going on. Readers quickly soon discover the motivations of the characters and Rowan then introduces a bit of a surprise, the dominant character becomes the submissive to the other. Why? I will not ruin the surprise, but suffice it to say that it aids the story’s development and provides a pleasing twist to this tale.

You might be thinking, the fact that it has a good story is nice and all, but this is supposed to be erotica, how are the sex scenes? Simply delectable. Rowan’s prose does an exquisite job of introducing the sexual tension and energy into the story. When the characters consummate their meeting, you can feel the heat coming off the screen. The dominant/submissive theme in the story is well-executed, and you can feel and appreciate the transfer of power that comes along with the women’s play. The fact that much of this play takes place in a real dungeon only heightens the impact of the dominant/submissive aspects of the story.

So for a hot lesbian, paranormal erotica story, I recommend reading Sorcha Rowan’s Sating the Hunger. While the Hunger is sated, the story left me wanting more. I certainly hope Rowan continues her story with these two interesting characters.

Sorcha Rowan provided a review copy of this story.

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