Workout Buddies: Part 2 — Dave and Helen’s Hot Night

Workout Buddies: Part 2 – Dave and Helen’s Hot Night is an erotic short story of over 3,000 words. Includes male/female sex scenes with elements of dominance and submission, with cum eating by the husband.

This short story continues the tale that began in Workout Buddies: Part 1 – The Bet. In Part 1, Dave lost a bet and ended up as his buddy’s submissive cockslut. Dave left his house with instructions for his evening with his wife before he went back the next day.

What happens when a guy has lost a bet and become a bisexual, submissive cockslut for his buddy and returns home to his beautiful wife? What if his dominant buddy gave him a list of things he must do with his wife that night? Will he? How will his wife react to those things? How will she react when she sees his shaved groin? Will Dave keep his secret? Will he and Helen have a great night or will he receive a chilly reception and have to sleep on the couch?

This story answers those questions and helps prepare Dave to return to Larry’s house the next day with those answers.

Available for Free in Kindle Unlimited.

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